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Do You

Do You Ever Wonder Why You Are Here
And What You Are Supposed To Be Doing?

Greetings, Spiritual Seeker!

You’re truly interested in growing and changing, but you’d like to have a better handle on the changes.  You welcome and pursue self-knowledge and understanding, but life throws challenges at you—sometimes big ones.  When the worst is happening, you wonder what the purpose of it all is.  And while you are struggling, life goes on, sometimes leaving you mired in confusion or overwhelm trying to figure it out before it’s too late.  Generic advice has only gone so far.

You’re not alone.  I struggled endlessly to figure out what my life purpose was and what I should do about it.  When I finally found the key to understanding myself, I felt liberated to finally live my own, real life, and be my own person, not the person someone else thought I should be.  Then my path became clear and easy to walk.  I found my own personal owner’s manual and my life has been filled with meaning ever since.

Could there really be an owner’s manual just for you?

What if you found a reliable source of information that you could go to over the years to get advice that’s true for you and you alone?  What if you had a personal owner’s manual, describing who you are and how to live your most successful life?

There is—and it’s your astrology chart.

Did you know that your accurate birth chart works for you and only you?  It is more detailed than your enneagram number or your Myers-Briggs type.  Your astrology chart is as complex and unique as you are.  It is the very best orientation and navigation tool in existence for your personal life, without exception.

Properly read, your horoscope reveals:

  • The strengths and abilities that allow you to succeed in life
  • The obstacles and challenges you’ll find along the way
  • The goal or mission of your life—what you are here to do
  • The negative traits and behaviors that don’t work for you
  • How to get out of your own way and stop sabotaging yourself
  • Gifts and talents that are uniquely yours, that other people can see but that you don’t notice
  • The purpose of your life—the thing that exhilarates you and gives your life meaning

As a professional astrologer (I've studied for 28 years and practiced for 16), I can show you all this and more. But don’t take my word for it: read what some of my clients say.

I can help you:

  • Understand yourself and your needs so you can find the best life partner, career or home for you
  • Understand your partner and get understood by your partner to reawaken and deepen love and commitment
  • Follow the career path that’s best for you, so you can feel motivated and energized at work
  • Be aware of coming life-changes before they happen, so you can be prepared to meet them with strength and an open heart
  • Get oriented on the path of your life with a sense of your own unique purpose

Getting on your own unique spiritual path starts with an astrology reading of your birth chart, current transitions or relationships.  I can do this for you on the phone or in person at my Berkeley, California location.  You’ll receive copies of all the charts we use in a handsome portfolio, along with a high-quality CD of the reading.  Find out more about the types of readings available and my rates here

Even if you see a therapist or life coach regularly, having an astrology reading can give you the keys to unlocking yourself in an accelerated way.  An astrology reading condenses years of inner exploration into one session, powerfully assisting therapy or coaching.  In fact, it’s such a powerful experience that you wouldn’t want to have your chart read more than twice a year.

If you’re about to have your first astrology reading, I’m especially excited for you.  Contact me soon!

Blessings on your path,

Jamie Kahl
Pandora Astrology
Berkeley, California, USA
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PS.  Tired of woo-woo astrologers who use mysterious spiritual language and new-agey terms?  Ready for an astrologer who will speak to you in practical terms and in English, who will give you solid information you can use right away?  You’ve just found one!  I’d love to hear from you.



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“Jamie is extraordinary in her knowledge and insight into astrology. She had me awed and moved during our session together. I felt profoundly appreciated, guided, and cared for. I would recommend her to anyone.”
—M. G. (fine jewelry designer)

“Her opening comments about the individual and the cosmos set a tone I felt very much in harmony with. She finally saved me from the terminal horror of other astrologers.” 
—K. W.  (artist)

Jamie Kahl - Pandora Astrology

A session focused on your astrology chart gets to the heart of the matter —faster than therapy, more personalized
than coaching.

In-person consultations convenient to San Francisco,
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Readings Available:
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