How Do I Get a Reading?

When you are ready to get a reading, all you have to do is contact me via this website.  I will arrange a phone call where I can ask for your birth data and find out what the occasion for the reading is and how I can best help you.  The process goes more smoothly if you read about the types of readings available (see below) and tell me what kind of reading you want.

To get an astrology reading, you need an accurate birth date, location (city) and (most importantly) time of birth.  Sometimes charts need a little tweaking, if you and I think it’s necessary.  If you cannot find a record of an accurate birth time for yourself, don’t despair.  See the Rectification section below.

Readings are assumed to be 90 minutes long if you are a new client, and at least 30 minutes for returning clients. All readings come with a complimentary packet including a copy of each chart used and a high-quality compact disk of the reading.

All readings are interactive and when possible, in person.  Readings by phone are available for those at a distance from the San Francisco Bay Area.

“Who Am I?  What Is My Purpose?”  Introductory Natal Consultation 

In your initial reading we take a look at your natal or birth chart with a focus on uncovering ways to free up your potential and to propel you toward your own most successful, joyous life.  This reading is 90 minutes long/$180.  This is the best reading to get if you’ve never had a reading before.


“In Times of Change. . .”
Transits and Progressions

In this reading we take a look at current events in your life at present, clarifying the nature of the changes you are going through.  I’ll also show how long they will last and suggest strategies for how to get the most growth out of them with the least growing pains. 90 mins/$180 for new clients; returning clients can opt for 60 mins/$120 if preferred. This is a great reading to get when you feel yourself going through changes and want a better understanding of them and of how to make the most of the opportunities before you.

“The Chemistry of Us”  Compatibility Reading

When I read two charts, I never ask myself IF two people are compatible, but HOW they are compatible.  This in-depth look at that magical quality called “chemistry” is designed to support your relationship’s finest expression, focusing on the ways you and your partner can best support and enjoy each other.  Relationship readings often result in both partners coming away with a renewed sense of mission about the relationship and a view of each other which is simultaneously more realistic and more appreciative.  This type of reading works well for both romantic and business relationships.  Recommended in cases where both partners have already had an introductory natal consultation. If you have not had a natal consultation with me, you'll want the Relationship Package described below. 

Relationship Package

This package of three readings is designed for new clients who have never had a reading before and want a blend of natal consultation and compatibility at a lower price. The package includes one reading for each partner and one for the two of them together. Three 60-min readings/$339. If you want current events (i.e. transits) worked in with that, the package is three 90-min readings/$499.


“Yes, You Can Love Your Job” 
Business Relationships Profile

Managing workers means managing relationships. This profile is excellent for business managers who want to increase productivity and job satisfaction among employees. And nothing says “My boss really cares!” like a private reading.  This package can include a 20-30 minute reading for each employee and a 60 minute reading for the manager, to put the pieces together. The Business Relationships profile will deepen understanding and cooperation among members of your productivity team. Pricing is variable--inquire with me by phone so we can discover how I can best meet your company's needs. 

“Bundle of Joy”  Baby and Child Reading

The moment you look into your newborn’s eyes, you know this person is not a blank slate. This precious, powerful being has come into this world with a clear agenda and personality traits already fully formed and waiting to unfold.  Learn what your child’s deeper purpose is, how to help them over the rough spots and how to foster their natural talents. 90 mins/$180. This reading is a treasure your child will enjoy for the rest of their life. 

“It’s a Family Thing” 
Relationships Package

Families share specific themes and agreements.  In this reading we take a look at the whole family system and how various members fit into it.  We can look at your family of origin (the one you came from) or family of issue (the one you give birth to). A reading of your family of origin deepens understanding of your roots while a reading of your family of issue is an invaluable aid to parenting. This package includes a look at the compatibility of the parents and also at how each child fits into the family picture. This package is a great way to understand, accept and love your family members. 120 mins/$210. (up to 4 family members. Inquire about pricing for larger families).  This reading can be especially helpful for adoptees.


“All Grown Up Now” 
The Saturn Return Career Reading

The Saturn Return is a universal life-change that occurs between the ages of 28 and 30, when we feel the pressure to take our place as a full adult in the world. During this time we feel a strong need to find our right livelihood and get on track. This reading focuses on career and professional life. 90 mins/$180 for new clients or 60 mins/$120 for returning clients. **If you are under 30 and buying a reading for yourself, ask about my "Under 30 discount."**

“Life Just Ain’t What it Used to Be” 
Mid-life Transitions

There are several intense mid-life transitions between the ages of 36 and 51. In our late 30’s there is a transition connected with how we use our power; in our early 40’s there is a time of spiritual reorientation, and approaching age 50 there is a time for deep healing of old wounds. A reading at any of these times will give perspective and useful approaches to these changes. 90 mins/$180 for new clients or 60 mins/$120 for returning clients.

“I don’t know my birth time. . .”  Rectification

Birth time unknown?  Don’t despair!  Rectification, or “making right,” is the fine art of discovering the true birth time, used when the birth time is unknown, or known only within a range of several hours.  A good rectification results in a chart which the person recognizes as accurate. The person will often report a palpable sensation of rightness as the chart “clicks into place.”  Includes natal reading for 60 to 90 mins in-person time plus as many hours of my research as are needed to discover the accurate birth time/$180-350, depending on complexity of rectification. This reading works best when you know your birth time within half a day or less.



My current rate is $120/hour, subject to change without notice. Readings for new clients are 90 minutes long and follow-up readings are assumed to be at least 60 minutes. After I have seen you twice, you can ask for readings as short as 30 minutes. 

For those at a distance, telephone readings can be arranged.  Before the reading, you will receive an orientation packet by mail or email to help you follow along with the reading.  At the appointed time, you’ll call me and I’ll record the reading as it happens. Afterwards, you will receive a high-quality recording of the reading on CD or online.

High-Quality CD or MP3 recordings

All my readings come with high quality recordings included in the price of the reading. You can choose one of two formats: a standard audio CD (which can be played on your car or home CD player or on your computer in iTunes or Windows Media Player) or as mp3 audio files (which can be played on your computer or iPod). If you choose standard audio CD format, then you will receive the reading within 8 business days as a beautifully packaged, personalized CD through U.S. first-class mail. If you choose mp3, you will be able to pick up your recording online, usually within 24 hours. All recordings are done in tracks, so that you can go straight to the part of the reading you want to hear. Also, Iíll be keeping a copy of your reading, so if you ever lose it, you can request another.

Gift Certificates available

Few gifts are more personal or more useful than a good astrology reading and the insights that come from it.  Each gift certificate is uniquely printed, a personalized gift from you to the recipient and mailed to you so you can see it before you give.  The recipient will mail the certificate back to me in lieu of payment.



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“You will absolutely love this experience-  it was one of the most touching experiences of my life.  So amazing.”
—N. K.  (mom)

“That I would be willing to send her my 16-year-old boy for a reading, that I feel safe doing that—it’s huge.  I’m a mama bear—very protective of my boy.  People who help my son help me in such a huge way.”
—C. F.  (landscape architect)

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